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Welcome to APNGs.com, the go-to portal for APNGs(Animated PNGs).
APNGs are animated images, similar to Animated GIFs. Unlike GIFs, however, APNGs support a full spectrum of 16 million colors and unlimited framerate. GIFs are limited to 256 colors and 10 frames per second. After a long journey of ups and downs, APNGs are gaining momentum and interest and could be poised to be the successor to GIFs.

Let us welcome the latest browser/rendering engine to support APNGs!
Good to have you with use Apple Safari/WebKit!
Gaining Safari is a big development for APNGs.
Apple users have a tendency to be in tight-knit groups and use Apple-everything without caring what other systems are doing. Having access to this type of community is good for the format because they may be inclined to simply use APNGs, have them work on their Mac, iPhone, and iPad, and not care if some other browser out there doesn't support it. Most of their friends probably use all Apple stuff too, so they may not be bothered by the non-support of other technologies. Apple is also a very influential company, obviously and having support on their devices can boost morale and perception of the format.

Browser Support

FirefoxHas the longest history of supporting APNGs. In fact, this animated extension of PNG was designed by Mozilla folks.http://apn.gs/ff
SafariSafari is the default browser for Macs. WebKit, Safari's rendering engine, powers all browsers on iOS, meaning iPhones, iPads, and iPods with iOS 8+ now support APNGs.http://apn.gs/sf

Apps that support APNGs

Punykura purikura onlinePunykura simulates a Japanese purikura photo booth, adding animated effects with support for APNGs.
Deckromancy® Trading Card MakerCreates custom trading cards. Supports APNGs for animated holographic foils.


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